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brief document of highlights of junior year to this summer,

// spanish honor society induction -> march madness -> cut day at the park -> another day at the park during finals week -> crazy night when she slept over -> Nishma’s family’s garba -> crazy 4am diner run -> date night with Nick and all the crazy shopping that day -> last day together with Jon -> last day in America going back to the place where we first went out after I got my car: route 4 Paramus //

this is to my best friend ( j-ill ) who has taught and given me so much love and friendship and safety and comfort.

yes, it’s only a year, but it hurts my chest when my mind goes into “time to go to Jill’s house!” and I really can’t anymore. whenever I want to do something or whenever anything happens, she’s basically the first person that comes to mind to tell.

she’s part of home that I miss and it’s really scary being here without her, actually.

and i know that a year or two or five from now, i’m going to look back on this and say that this year flew by and that i was overly upset - but i don’t want to forget this feeling that the me right now is feeling. I don’t want the me then to forget that and to realize the difference the two people… and to understand how important of a person she is to me right now.

less than 365.

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less than 365
❝ Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing. ❞

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“Just Good Friends” by James Needham

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❝ I need you to be clingy because I’m paranoid and I begin to think you don’t like me if you’re not. ❞

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